When Worcester was home to 158 pubs

The Worcester Trades Directory for 1910 lists 158 pubs within the City boundary.  This is a video produced by Bob Blandford (aka Backenforth) showing scenes of Worcester from round about that time, compared to the same views today.  This is a run-down of the 158 pubs and their licensees as listed in the 1910 Worcester Trades Directory.  Those still in existence – albeit some with a different name

 Albion Hotel, 48 Bath Road.  Prop: Waldegrave Ingram

 Alma, 15-16 Mill Street.  Wm. Martin Bird

Alma, 74 Droitwich Road. Frank J. Rice

Alma, 10 Lowesmoor.  Arthur Hal

Anchor Inn, Lower Bath Road.  Miss Hannah Mason

 Apple Tree, 10 Tybridge Street Henry Farley

Angel Hotel, St Johns. John Appleton

Arboretum Inn, 52 and 53 Northfield Street. John Price

Barley Mow Hotel, Sidbury. A.H. Collins

Beehive, 28 Tallow Hill. Wm. Protheroe

Bear, 1 Tybridge Street. Wm. A. Pitt

Bell, 52 St Johns. Mrs Ellen Hopwood

Berkeley Arms, School Road.  Edwin T. Rea

Berkeley Arms, 10 Bank Street.  Mrs M. A. Jones

Berwick Arms, 250 Bath Road. Francis Howe

Bird in Hand, 21a The Cross.  James Cobberley

Black Horse, 16 Lowesmoor .  Chas Parsons

Black Lion, 3 Dent Street.  John Jaynes

Boat, Lowesmoor.  Wm Watts

Brewers Arms, 29 Moor Street.  Geo Henry Wiggin

Bricklayers Arms, 16 Park Sreet.  Francis Wm Perkins

Bridge, Lowesmoor Terrace.  Benj. Harper

Bridge, 3 Bridge Street.  John Bean

Brunswick Arms, 50 Malvern Road.  Thomas Tomkinson

Bulls Head, 32 High Street.  Joseph Coombe

Bush, 2 Bull Ring.  Joseph Frank Millington

Butchers Arms, 16 Shambles. Jas Stringer

Carpenters Arms, 13 Spring Gardens Tything.  Edward Starling

Chequers, Hylton Road.  William Richards

Chestnut Tree, 17 Lansdowne Road. Ernest Harry Hopper

City Arms, Church Street.  William A. Brown

Coach and Horses, 39 Upper Tything.   Mrs Jane Copson

Coach and Horses, 20 Shambles.  Barry Gregory

Cock, 47 Tybridge Street.  Charles Denley

Coventry Arms, 3 Friar Street. Thos. C. Green

Croft Brewery, 32 James Street.  Albert F. Hanbury

Cross Keys, 110 London Road.  Albert Davis

Crown, 8 Tallow Hill.   James Badgery

Crown, 29 Friar Street.  John Calder

Crown, 42 Droitwich Road. Mrs Mary A. Yeates

Crown and Anchor,  Hylton Road. Ben Bray

Crown and Anchor, 38 Silver St. George  Williams

Diglis House, Portland Street.  Andrew Carpenter

Duke of Wellington, 14 Birdport.   James Digger

Duke of York, 17 Little Angel Street,  Mrs. S. A. King

Eagle Vaults, 19 Friar Street.  Wm Seymour

Elephant and Castle, Lowesmoor Wharf.   John Smith

Ewe and Lamb Vaults, 5 Angel St.  Thos Lawson

Ewe and Lamb, 23 The Butts.   Frank Peters

Farriers Arms, Farrier Street.  Frederick Wheldon

Farriers Arms, 9 Fish Street.  Jos. Shipton

Five Ways, Angel Place. Thos. Hopwood

Foresters Arms Hotel, Sansome Walk.  Henry Baker

Fountain, 42 Severn Street.  Alfred H. Foakes

Fountain, 11 Angel Street.  Edward Price

Four Ways Inn, 60 Charles Street. Henry Simmonds

Garibaldi, 80 Bromyard Road.   Wm. T. Crockett

Garibaldi, 75 Wylds Lane.   Mrs Ann Rowberry

George and Dragon, 51 Tything. Mrs. Alice Scott

Globe Vaults, 1 and 2 Friar Street.  Harold P. Hayes

Glo’ster Arms, Copenhagen St.   Mrs Caroline Wheeler

Glovers Arms, 19 Powick Lane.   Frederick Hale

Golden Hart, 6 Sansome Street.    Thomas Shaw

Golden Lion, 31 High Street.   Thos. H. Smith

Grand Stand Hotel, Pitchcroft.  Edward F. Skyrme

Green Dragon, 44 Newport Street.   George Bennett

Green Man, 40 Tything.  Henry C. Thomas

Grosvenor Arms,  21 Henwick Road.   John Henry Luffman

Gun Tavern, 39 Newtown Road.  Geo Potter

Herefordshire House, Bransford Road.  Thomas A. Pearson

Herefordshire House, Newport Street.   Ben Westwood.

Holly Bush, 1 St Nicholas Street.  E. J. Phipps

Hope and Anchor, 54 Newport Street.  Miss Jane Clark

Horn and Trumpet, 12 Angel Street.  Thos. Mills

Horse and Jockey, 14 Pump Street.  Geo. Carless.

Kings Head, 32 St Johns.   Geo. E. Jones

Kings Head, 15 Sidbury.  Charles R. Stallard

King William Vaults,  36 St Paul Street. Joseph Churchill

Ketch, Bath Road.  F. Partridge

Lamb and Flag,  30 Tything.   Ernest Edward Price

Lansdowne, Lowesmoor Place. James Phillips

Liverpool Vaults, 41 Shambles. Percy Fredk Peters

Moors Ketch, 33 The Moors.  George Albert Lamb

Mount Pleasant, 39 London Road.   Jonathan D. Barlow

Mouth of the Nile, 5 Copenhagen St.   Geo. William Turner

Mug House, Hylton Road.  Arthur Yeates

Nelson, 2 All Hallows.   Edward Crump

New Inn, Ombersley Road. Arthur Hirons

New Inn, 29 George Street.   Walter Hugh Jones

New Greyhound, 48 New Street.   P.D. Tomlinson

New Pope Iron, 6 Pope Iron Road.  Thos. G. Pardoe

Northwick Arms, 29 Vine Street. Henry J. Winwood

Oddfellows Arms, 52 Carden Street.  Alfred Waldron

Old England, 13 Providence St.  Miss Fanny Bough

Old Falcon, 35 Sansome Street.   George Knight

Old Farriers Arms, 6 Quay Street.   Lewis A. Witts

Old Greyhound, 46 New Street.  Harry Silverthorn

Old Peacock, Queen Street.   Henry A. Willis

Old Porter Stores, 15 Copenhagen St.   Edward Dorrell

Old Severn Trow, 16 Quay St.   Mrs Mary Ann Roberts

Old Rectifying House, N. Parade.   Miss Clare Clissold

Old Red Lion, 18 Newport Street.   George W. Sefton

Pack Horse, 11 and 13 St Nicholas St.    Mrs. E. Watton

Park Tavern, 2 Park Street.   Mrs Clara Kenwrick

Park Street Tavern, 8 Little Park Street.  Joseph James

Paul Pry,  6 The Butts.  Percy Groves

Peep o’ Day, 23 Cumberland Street.  Mrs. Eliza Turvey

Pheasant, 25 New Street.  Alfred Edward Bird

Plough, 23 Fish Street. George Bearcroft

Plough, St Martins Gate.  Mrs Florence Edith Lee

Plumbers Arms, 76 Wylds Lane.    John Clay

Plume of Feathers, 44 and 45 Tything.    Alfred R. Wilkes

Portobello, Bransford Road.    Frederick Mills

Potters Arms, 19 St Paul Street.   Wm. R. Anderson

Prince of Wales, Shrub Hill Road.  William Tolley

Queen’s Arms, 15 Powick Lane.   Frank Crockett

Railway Arms, Shrub Hill Road.    Lister Hughes

Ram, Shrub Hill Road.    Harry Price

Raven Inn, Droitwich Road. 

Red Lion, I Sidbury.  John Albert Hodges

Rising Sun, 3 Bank Street.   William Evans

Rose and Crown, 20 Severn Terrace.   John Sudbury

Royal Exchange Vaults, Corn Market. James Wooding

Royal George, 2 Hylton Road.    Wm Chamberlain

Royal Oak, 22 Carden Street.  Mrs E. Bird

Sandpits, 128, Bromyard Road.    Arthur E. Smith

Saracens Head, 4 Tything.   Wm. Roberts

Sebright Arms, London Road.   John G, Quartermain

Shades Restaurant, 16 Mealcheapen St.   Fred Austin

Sow and Pigs, 34 Dolday.   Mrs Emma Drewer

Star, 98 and 99 Bransford Road.  Edward Brown

Star Tap, Farrier Street.  Charles Edward Franklin

Swan, 29 St Johns.   George Coombs

Swan, Lowesmoor.   Richard Gazzard

Swan, 4 Pump Street.   Henry William Thomas

Swan, 78 Barbourne Road.    John Sylvester

Swan with Two Nicks, 28 New Street.    George Morrell

Talbot, 8 Barbourne Road.   Mrs Leah B. Andrews

Talbot, College Street and Sidbury.   Wm Thos. Miller

Ten Bells, 9 Dolday.   John Bagley

Three Tuns Hotel, Castle Street.  Charles Stokes

Turks Head, 32 Lowesmoor.  Jefford James Westwood

Union, 31 Lowesmoor.  John Norman

Vaults, 12 Cornmarket.  Albert Millard

Vaults, 1 Little Angel Street.  Edward Dingle and Son

Vaults, 21 Little Angel Street.  Thomas Prosser

Vauxhall, 37 Astwood Road.   John Smith

Vine, 131 Ombersley Road. Francis Harwood

Waterloo, Waterloo Street.   Lester Henney

West Midland Arms, Lowesmoor Place.  Geo. Brighton

Wheatsheaf, 192 Henwick Road.   Mrs Mary Jane Evans

Whitehall, Bransford Road.   Jospeh B. Heath

White Hart, 25 College Street.  Charles Lucas

Woolpack, 26 Dolday. James Hope

Ye Olde Chappelle,  New Street.  Alfred Geo. Wall

Ye Olde Punch Bowl, 7 College St.  Joseph Osborne

Ye Virgin.  Tolladine Road.  Mrs Harriet Carr

York House, 101 The Moors.  Frank Thomas.



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